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Friday, January 28th, 2028
10:25 pm - Friends Only Journal

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My LJ is Friends Only! <3

If you want me to add you, please post here.

Please post the username that I know you by and where we met if you want me to add you. ^_^

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Friday, June 26th, 2009
11:42 am - Goals for this year/next year and other stuff

And so, my second uni year comes to an end with exams and essays FINALLY out of the way, I can now relax, enjoy and watch the summer roll lazily by.... yeah right! XD  Unfortunately, my summer plans abroad haven't gone entirely to plan because of the recession/credit crunch, so instead I'm making the most of the upcoming holidays with a healthy balance of having fun, getting ahead of next year's reading and working.  But, I've decided that it's about time for me to re-evaluate my goals for the summer, goals for the next academic year and after:

Summer Goals:

Black = to complete
Red = Started
Green = Already completed/Doing

- Work Experience in the Languages department of my old school.

- Gain a TEFL qualification/research into getting one.

- FINISH FADOF!!! XD (HIGH on my priority list!)

- Go on holiday with family.

- Catch up with Dobbo and Krishan back home.

- Complete my work placement in August/September.

- Attend dance lessons back home.

- Keep up swimming and fitness.

- Keep on top of French and Japanese.  Start Spanish

- Start dissertation.

- Pleasure read (I've already got a long list and currently re-reading Memoirs of a Geisha XD)

- Read next year's books.

- Buy a pair of Ballroom Shoes <3333

Next academic year goals:

- Do best and try and get the highest overall degree mark possible.
- Apply for Postgraduate Education.
- Find a male partner to dance ballroom with (5'9 in heels is a pain  when most of the guys are 5'8 XD)
- Continue Japanese lessons.  Take up Spanish at Post-Beginner level.
- Help new committee with Welcome Week/Strictly Come Dancing.
- Visit Japan/China
- Visit Rachel in Madrid :D
- Look after Japanese students again with Hannah
- Take up martial arts again
- Can't think of anything else atm XD

I've been partying and catching up with friends for the last two weeks and it's starting to catch up on me.  Friends are leaving for the summer and we probably won't see each other again until September/October, so we're making the most of our time togther.  Some of my friends have already left and others will be leaving soon - one of my Japanese students, Ikumi, has already left and my other student, Masako leaves next week. :(

On the bright side, I've been able to keep in regular contact with Peachy-chan <333333 It's been amazing talking to her and catching up. :D

OK, we'll I think I'm gonna take a nap before I head out to do some pedlow with some friends and go for pizza after! :D

Speak to ya soon and love to y'all! XD


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